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What is Basqueskola?

A PLACE OF THEIR OWN for Basque women mayors and councilors to network and share their experiences working in local politics.

A SCHOOL for their individual and collective empowerment.

A NETWORK of WOMEN ELECTED OFFICIALS in the Basque Country, from large cities and small towns, in government or in the opposition, and belonging to a varied political spectrum.

Basqueskola has an international focus. Living in a globalized world means it's important to share knowledge and resources with networks of elected women from other countries. Basqueskola is named after the renowned British writer Virginia Woolf and her work A Room of One's Own (1929). Basqueskola provides a space for women Basque elected officials to reflect on their daily practice of politics from a gender perspective.


- Women and men elected officials need different strategies. Studies conducted by public policies on gender equality, as well as by political organizations themselves, have shown that men and women do not start from the same positions, have the same years of experience, or necessarily experience and exercise their political work in the same way. Virginia Woolf Basqueskola is a tool for achieving an equal balance between women and men elected officials in public policy.

- An international network. Basqueskola provides a space for the international exchange of experiences between different projects and people. Strong international networks enhance and support the political action of women at the local level.

What issues will be addressed in the courses?

Courses will address the personal and collective obstacles faced by women elected officials, mainstreaming public policy for gender equality as well as communication, leadership and team management skills.